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Our Passion
Living for the pleasure of the King

Our Purpose
Win souls, make disciples, mature saints

Our Pursuit
Proclaiming God’s life to our generation

Spokane Faith Center is a non-denominational church that believes and teaches that the Bible is the Word of God to and the will of God for all people. 
The Bible teaches that all men are guilty before God as sinners and that the penalty for our sin is eternal separation from God in a place of torment. There are no works we can perform to atone for our guilt. In ourselves, we are hopelessly condemned. But because of God’s great love, He sent His Son Jesus as our substitute to bear punishment for our sins so that through Jesus, and Jesus alone, God can righteously forgive our sin and grant us His desire for us: eternal life with Him in His kingdom. 
At Spokane Faith Center, those seeking God can find and experience God’s love and forgiveness as they surrender their lives to the lordship of His Son Jesus, and those surrendered to God can find a place to belong and grow as they serve His purpose alongside Christian brothers and sisters as active participants in a local, loving church family.
As much as we recognize, teach, expect and experience God’s kind love toward us in meeting our needs in life, we also honor Him as Almighty God and therefore consider Him more worthy of our service than our demands, and more worthy of our praise than our complaints. Our highest ambition is living a life that pleases Him.
We are committed to upholding the standard of the Word of God, which produces the life of God in all who obey Him. You are welcome to seek and serve God at Spokane Faith Center, and may you experience His rich blessing as you pursue growth in your relationship with Him.

Pastors Eric and Rebecca Hawkins